Kwaraloaded Exclusive: When is the best time to introduce bae to your parents?

As soon as the relationship begins or when parents begin to pester you to bring him or her home?

When people fall in love and become a couple, it is often a thing between just the two of them, and maybe to the notice of few friends.

Most times, the guy and babe’s folks don’t know about it till some later time.

Ultimately, popsy and momsy will have to know about the romance – as their blessings will be needed to reach the perfect climax to that union.

The question now is, when should that introduction be made? When should one introduce a partner to parents?

Does one have to wait till they are sure they’ll marry that particular partner, or does it have to be immediately the relationship starts?

I think this will happen when I am sure of the guy,” says Kenny, 24.

David, 27, says; “I actually do not think there is a rule to this, I could do introduce bae to my peeps whenever I feel like. Doesn’t matter if I am sure she will marry me or not.”

Expert opinion

According to dating expert, April Masini, the earliest time to make this move is after six months.

“Anytime before that is too soon because the relationship is not clear. After six months of dating, you’ll know someone better and they’ll know you better — to the extent that you can both decide by then, if you want to be monogamous and committed to each other.”

Around this time, she says, things would have gotten to a stage where it is only natural to take them home and introduce them to your folk.

When the time comes, it is important to do the prep work before hand, according to Cosmopolitan.

Let your significant other know ahead of time any weird family traditions or topics he should avoid. What might be a casual remark from your partner can open the floodgates. Make him a list of sensitive issues to never bring up!”

It is also important to keep the first meeting as short as possible, if you can. Also, be a good host/hostess and do not leave them alone as they may feel bored, isolated, etc.

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