[Podcast] As you dey think – Tope Akande

Remember when we used to fight as kids and we say ‘whatever you think for me is what will happen to you’. Remember? Oh well, that’s a reality in some way. Whatever you think towards yourself is the first foundation to everything in your life – the heights you attain, the relationship you keep etc.

So, if you are hungry for an external change, you need to start the revamp internally – from your thoughts.

I have listed out how you can exercise power over your thoughts. The things that influences your thought. How you can naviga te through the heights you desire first from your thoughts.

Listen to this podcast cooked with love and start the work so you can have the year you deserve.

The Truth Podcast

This podcast deals with a crucial aspect of the human life – relationship. It debunks relationship myths, gives tips and suggestions on how to have a better relationship with yourself, family, colleagues, neighbors and even lover. It gives you an experiential mind shift that will spur you to be better and hold you to high standards in your engagements and interactions. In simpler words, tables would be shaken to help you be better in your life and how you relate with others. You should listen and subscribe to this.

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Author: Daniel Said✩✷