Spoken words & Poetry – BEAUTY OF THE MIND

Sitting at the shore.

Her mind wondered afar.

The depth of her thoughts will have you never wanting to surface the air.

Her beautiful mind speaks of wonders.

The ocean jealous even of its beauty.

A sight to see.

It is like a magic,a stimulant a drug, Heaven painted flesh Nirvana.

it’s all inspiring.

Her mind is one of the most interesting places.

A shining garden of contradiction.

Her thoughts are like mountains draped in a clock of snow shimmering in a Winter light.

A twist in the forest seeming difficult to unravel.

Her minds only recognizes beautiful sights.

Unforgiving and forcefully magnificent.

Her mind is like a beautiful path…..The more you travel with it, the more you find peace and happiness.

The kindest and greatest mind is the most beautiful mind.No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.


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To her beauty is the physical appearance. She sees herself as ugly because of her

Author: Daniel Said✩✷