To her beauty is the physical appearance.

She sees herself as ugly because of her scars.

Ashamed of showing off.

But looking at her in a garden full of different flowers.

Her real beauty Shone forth.

She still manages to put me under her spell for she is the most gorgeous in the garden.

Nothing compares to her.

Her smile friendly and motherly.

She exudes serenely.

Her laughter rings through like a melody.

She pulls me like a magnet which never wears.

I loved her since the day i saw her.

Her scars never did matter for once.

She is divine to me,a perfect jewel.

She walks in beauty,for she is beauty herself.

Because she has a heart whose love is innocent.

Her beauty is what she is on the inside.

Making her Outstanding, For her real beauty is her soul.

BY Adenike♥️

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