Spoken words & Poetry: THIS LOVE THING!

I’m your baby, right….

And used to be my lady, might….

You promised to hold me, tight…You erased me not treating me, right…

Then I feel hopelessly in love,fright…

You promised me forever but now,don’t think I wanna ever,flight…

You used to be the rhythm to my sounds,The reason I wanna fly,kite….

The  melody in my ears,And the sparks that lights my…. night

But you broke me in pieces & now I have reasons…. To never love again!

Not your regular

Giving you bright colours

Be like rainbow for sky

This guy I bow, I am the type

Wey make you smile

Even when I’m fragile

I give you sparks Without my packs….

Shey you get Cause you can’t forget

I am me

This one I be

You need to pin I am rare Just so you prepare To see the wonders in my stare

No be dare

But I dey tell

I be jewel…..That original package

No be shortage


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Author: Daniel Said✩✷