For Men: Here are 5 sexual things your woman likes but may be too shy to ask

You can help her bring alive that hidden, naughty side.

Communication is great. As much as many people know this, however, opening up about certain things remain a little difficult.

Ask women for instance, especially those who were born and bred in a sexual-instinct-stifling society like ours; where women are subtly and even expressly asked to not rein in their sexual tendencies so as not to be viewed as loose.The problem posed by this type of systemic indoctrination is usually an inability for some women to come to terms with the full extent of their sexuality. Even when it becomes morally, legally and religiously OK to satisfy their sexual appetites, that is, in matrimony, a lot of women still feel a certain type of shame, shyness in the pursuit of these sexual needs.

As a result, they would expect, hope and maybe even pray that you, the man, would somehow figure it out without having to be told anything expressly. As we have clearly said here already, it is better, more straightforward and obviously more rational for women to state these things and do away with the uncertainty that comes with that system, but many times, they just can’t. And when this happens, the burden of meeting these ‘unknown’ sexual needs falls on you.

In case you are wondering what these are, below we list the sexual things your woman may want but is too shy to ask for

1. Rough sex

Sometimes, all that gentlemanly, mild touches just won’t do. Your woman would like you to switch things up a little she just doesn’t know how to bring it up. How about you ask her about it and see how she feels about the idea?

2. A really sexy sex life

Most women like the idea of being a lady in the street and freaks in the sheets. Help her actualize this desire. Make things more fun and adventurous. Suggest

3. Fantasies and role playing

Your woman has fantasies. Learn about them and lovingly bring it to life for her.

4. Dirty talk

If talking dirty is something that your girl is really into. Like I’ve been saying, the more into it she is, the better it’s going to be for the both of you.

5. Kissing and cuddling after sex

Many women would enjoy kissing during and after sex, especially because some men forget that we like that. Cuddling after sex shows us that it meant something to you, too and that it was enjoyable for the both of you. There’s nothing worse than going into separate corners after finishing sex and letting it get too awkward.

She does not even need to ask for this. You should know and do it always.

3 types of people you need to stop lending your money from 2019

Lending money to some people is like creating a problem for oneself. Ever lent your money to someone only to have problems with them when it’s time to pay back the money?  If you haven’t, pray you don’t meet a chronic debtor in 2019.

See, if you want to get serious with your finances next year, you’ll need to ignore some people’s request when they come to you to borrow money.

You don’t know them? Here they are.

1. Forgetful friends

Those friends that can’t remember your last conversations with them or those that always forget their wallets at home should not have anything to do with your money next year. Don’t loan them a kobo because they’ll always forget they owe you any money.

2. Chronic debtors

Yea, this one is (in)famous for only one thing. He is always owing. Always dealing with debt issues. In 2019, it’s important you watch out for people like this, especially those who run themselves into debt because of their bad spending habits.

However, if the person is genuinely struggling financially, and needs some money, you can help them with some money them get back on their feet. 

3. Unreliable relatives

An unreliable relative is as bad as a chronic debtor, you may need to fast and pray to get your money back from them. Lending your money to a family member you don’t see regularly can affect your relationship with them. And the worst part is, you may not get your money back from them for ever.

Davido reacts claims that he assaulted Kizz Daniel’s manager

Davido has come out deny the rumour going around that he assaulted Kizz Daniel’s manager.

Davido has reacted to the claims that he assaulted Kizz Daniel’s manager, Tumi Lawrence during his recently held concert.

While reacting to comments on his Twitter page on Friday, December 28, 2018, Davido said he apologised for assaulting Kizz Daniel’s manager even though he didn’t assault him.

“Ok kiss Daniel manager I apologize for doing nothing 😒,” he tweeted.

Davido’s latest reaction is coming less than 24 hours after Kizz Daniel’s manager had accused him of slapping him during his concert which was held on Thursday, December 27, 2018.

Bad relationship habits to leave behind in 2018


Below we list the relationship behaviours that you should really leave behind in 2018 if you want a happier relationship in 2019.

The year 2018 is coming to an end and so must certain things

For all the beautiful romantic memories created in the through fantastic weddings and relationships that started and blossomed, there are also certain issues and patterns that should no longer exist in relationships but continue to.

Below we list the relationship behaviours that you should really leave behind in 2018 if you intend to get into a relationship in 2019 or if you’re looking to create a better, stronger bond with your partner in the coming year.1. Expecting your significant other to read your mind

Stop expecting your man or woman [especially man] to know everything that’s on your mind. That’s just setting yourself up for disappointment. One would expect that this would have become public knowledge already but apparently not.

Quit the habit and leave it for the teenagers. Your man is not a mindreader so communicate.

2. Outsider’s influence in your relationship

One of the commonest things in relationships in 2018 is further rise of relationship issues going on to social media without being addressed first by both parties involved. Instead of speaking to their girlfriends and boyfriends, a lot of people preferred the involvement of outsiders on social media.

3. Entitlement

Just stop it. In 2019, let’s all learn to relate with the people we love from a place of healthy expectation. Keep your expectations healthy, keep it reasonable. Give as you would love to get. Do not feel entitled to more than what your station or position in your partner’s life warrants. Don’t be a boyfriend expecting husband benefits. Don’t be a girlfriend expecting wife benefits.

4. Going after the other woman when your partner cheats

Let’s do better in 2019. Be wiser. When your partner cheats, is they who cheated on you who should feel the venom of your anger, outrage, resentment and bitterness, not the other person who doesn’t owe you so much duty of care.

5. Breaking up via text messages

Or Instagram DM. Or Twitter DM. Or even on Facebook.

Learn to be a little more respectful in 2019, that the relationship failed should not be the reason why you resort to disrespect for your partner. At some point before the love soured, you thought the world of that man or woman so give them a little respect even if it is for that one last time.

As much as you can, always try to end things with a face-to-face conversation and if you can, give them the closure needed to make the new a little easy to swallow.

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